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Nova Scotia Election

Election season is here! It’s the best time to let the candidates know how you feel about open net-pen fish farming in our province.

Let them know: No plan to get pens out of the water? No vote from us!


Write or phone your candidates today!

To find contact information for the candidates in your riding, please visit the Elections Nova Scotia website.

Quick tips for writing your own letter

The best personal letters are usually short, and have a few common elements, including:

  1. Contact info: with your contact info attached, your candidates will know who you are and that you are a member of their riding. Their job is to answer to you if elected.
  2. Personalization: when you speak with your own voice and reference your own experience, your candidates will see that this is a personal issue for you, and that you are not just writing because Aunt Gloria asked you to.
  3. Brevity: a shorter letter that’s straight to-the-point is more likely to be read in its entirety, and more likely to resonate with your candidates. Sometimes it really is as simple as saying, “NO MORE NET-PENS, thank you very much.”
  4. Respect: it is very tempting to cuss loudly about salmon farms. We are right there with you. But it’s probably better for everyone if we avoid that in the letter. 


Here is a sample letter, provided by the Atlantic Salmon Federation. Feel free to cut and paste from it if you wish.


Dear […],

As a dedicated Nova Scotian voter, I want to emphasize the importance of aquaculture reform for our province.

While governments have taken the initiative to move open net-pen salmon farms out of the ocean on the West Coast of Canada, the salmon farming industry has plans to triple the size of operation in Nova Scotia. This is not acceptable. Our coastal bays are not a second-class dumping ground for polluting industries, and we will not consent to a corporate net-pen expansion in our public waters.

Non-industry science has been unequivocal in describing the impacts of open net-pen aquaculture on ocean ecosystems and wild Atlantic salmon. With the declining health of wild salmon populations and marine biodiversity in Nova Scotia, we cannot afford to allow salmon farming to continue in our bays. Furthermore, salmon farms represent an unnecessary risk to our fishing and tourism industries, the backbone of many coastal communities in the province.

If elected, will you commit to a transition away from open net-pen salmon farms?

I anxiously await your response and I wish you luck in the remaining days of the campaign.