St. Mary’s Bay Protectors
Protéger La Baie Sainte Marie

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Below are some other groups we are working with to protect our waters :

The Twin Bays Coalition is a group based in the St. Margaret’s Bay/Mahone Bay area, another area which Cermaq has optioned for possible expansion.   

Protect Liverpool Bay is a community group actively working to protect our oceans against the destructive impacts of open net-pen finfish farms   

APES was formed in February 2012 when communities on the Eastern Shore of Nova Scotia became aware of and concerned about proposed applications to establish Open Pen Finfish Farms in our harbours. They have been working hard ever since to protect out waters.  

The Ecology Action Centre is an independent organization that strives to work with partners to provide up-to-date environmental information, pursue researched solutions; and act as a watch-dog for the Nova Scotia environment. Among other things they do,  they advocate for fishing and aquaculture policies and practices that minimize harmful impacts on the marine ecosystem.   

Clayoquot Action is a Tofino-based conservation organization committed to protecting the biocultural diversity of Clayoquot Sound.